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Going to study in the USA or in Canada

undergraduate degrees - postgraduate degrees, colleges in the USA, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Research Fellowships - costs of education - international students in the USA and Canada

uniap.com is a site for advice and help to prospective international student applicants to undergraduate colleges, universities, post graduate study and research fellowships in Canada and the USA


Are you a foreign student planning to study in the USA? If you are, you will be happy to know, that it is the most sought after student destination in the world. Statistics show that during 2006-2016 more than eight hundred thousand international students studied in various colleges and universities of the country. About half of them pursue a bachelors degree, while the rest completes post graduate and professional degrees as well as undertaking research in postgraduate fellowships.

The approximate Cost of Studying in the USA

Restoro The first, and perhaps the most important point to consider is the cost. American education is very expensive and you must have the requisite funds to see you through your project. We give below the approximate costs of the various programs. These are only very rough estimates and are meant to help you take an informed decision about it. The costs vary greatly across the country.

College towns, rural settings or large cities offer different challenges and opportunities for new undergraduates, but make the choice of the right school even more difficult.

Annual Costs for a Bachelor Degree Course

(all costs per year 2018/2020)

Type Of College

Full Time Study Number of Years Range of Tuition Costs per Year for Foreign or out of State Students Board and Logging Other Costs (Books, Transport, Health Insurance, Pocket Money,Clothing Entertainment)
Local Community Colleges (Only a few will accept foreign students and some are not suitable for foreign students) 2 (Most Community Colleges only offer the first two years of a Bachelors degree, then a student has to transfer) $ 7,000 $ 5,000 (only few community colleges have on campus housing) $4,000
State Colleges Minimum 4 $8,800 - 22,000 $5,500 - 7,800 $5,000 - 6,000
Private Colleges Minimum 4 $16,000 - 50,000 $ 9,800 - 14,000 $ 6,000+

Selecting a College or University

This is probably the most perplexing part of the whole process. There are about 3,000 accredited. There are also a large number of non-accredited Colleges. But the quality of their education varies widely and, without local knowledge, simply selecting one at random and following a course in them tends to be risky, since you usually cannot transfer credits to an accredited college. Accredited colleges and universities exist with a baffling variety of faculties, very wide quality levels, reputations and locations. What is more, institutions can get better or worse over time and the selection based on past data may not always be relevant. Apart from selecting the top schools, it is virtually impossible for a prospective foreign student to make an intelligent decision unaided.

The real problem is to select a school which matches your attainments and educational objectives with, what the institution has on offer. Importantly, the chosen one may not be able to accept you for several reasons. But, the downside of a wrong decision could be tragic waste of huge funds, loss of time and of course, demoralization.

There are various internationally established rankings, such as the Times Higher Educational Supplement (British), the National University Rankings (USA), the Most Affordable US Colleges for out of State Students (USA) and others. Use different rankings to compare.

Our Services

It is here that our services come to your rescue by virtually leading you, "by hand" as it were, to the right college, in the right location for the right course. We have some products on offer and a brief description of each is given in the succeeding paragraphs. They do cost money which reflects the cost of the effort and time needed for a thorough job. It need hardly be said, that they insure you against the hazards of a defective decision.

The Basic Entrance Requirements for an Undergraduate Course

If you are not a citizen of the USA, or have not been educated at either a university, college or high school in the United States, and you want to apply for a place at a college or university in the United States, you will require, as a minimum, the following:

For Undergraduate Studies

If English is not your first language or has not been your primary language of education, you will be required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The iBT™ Test scores (Internet based Test) are based on
Test Section Score Range
Listening 0 to 30
Reading 0 to 30
Speaking 0 to 30
Writing 0 to 30
Total Score 0 to 120

Most universities require for undergraduate studies, total iBT scores ranging from 75 to 100. The more prestigious universities and colleges will require a score at the higher end. Some departments might set a minimum score in, say speaking or writing. Graduate schools will require scores that range anywhere from 70 (UC at Berkley) to 100 for the iBT.

The PBT™ Test scores (Paper based Test) are based on

Skill Score Range
Listening Comprehension 31 to 68
Structure/Written Expression 31 to 68
Reading Comprehension 31 to 67
Total Score 310 to 677

The total paper-based test score is reported on a scale that ranges from 310 to 677.

You will need to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and as a general rule, you will require a minimum combined score of at least 1,000, though more prestigious universities will require more. There are also a significant number of colleges which will ask for less. Although, the SAT scores are important, they are not the only factor in determining your ability to get into an USA college or university. A large number of good colleges do not require the SAT, but having completed it, will help you.
You have to start the application process a considerable time prior to wanting to commence your academic study in the USA. Application deadlines differ from college to college, but as a general rule, international students have to begin their studies in September (Fall semester). Though, an increasing number of schools will also admit international students for the Spring semester, starting in January or the Summer semester starting in August.
You will need to obtain an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility from the school you want to attend. You will only get that, when you are accepted as a student. With the I-20, you will have to apply for an F-1 Student visa at your local United States Consular Office. This visa will allow you to enter the United States and pursue your intended course of study.
You will need a minimum of US$ 40,000 to cover the first year of studies at an undergraduate college or university in the United States. Very few colleges, catering for international students, offer education, health insurance, general expenses, room and board, for less. Some schools cost considerably more. You will have to show evidence of the availability of such funds to you, to be accepted at a college and to obtain a visa.

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Our Products for Undergraduate College Placement

If you want us to help you find the right college or university for your undergraduate (bachelor degree) studies in the USA and Canada, we offer some programs that are efficient and lower your risk for making the wrong choice. Given that you will probably spend around $100,000 to $250,000 (tuition, books and costs of living) getting some advice to prepare yourself to go to the right school is most likely "money well spent"!

Go and read up for yourself and see what we offer! Click here!

If you intend to apply for 2018 and 2020, start now by asking us for application and evaluation forms.

For Master of Business Administration (MBA) Studies

For information, click on the above and then order an Application and Evaluation Form for MBA courses in the USA and Canada.

For other Post Graduate Studies (MA, M.Sc., M.Phil.)

For information, click on the above and then order an Application and Evaluation Form for Postgraduate courses in the USA and Canada.

Doctoral Studies (Ph.D.) and Post Doctoral Research Fellowships

We now offer s special section for Doctoral Studies and applications for Post Doctoral Research Fellowships at Universities in the USA, Canada and Europe. We will help you formulate the application letters, as well as presenting yourself and your abilities to your best advantage to schools and research institutions.


This section offers advice on internships and ways for foreign based students to apply for internships in the USA.

This Information Section will be available shortly. For information or if you would like to know the costs of advice and counsel, send an e-mail .

Students already in the USA

Help for International Students who are already enrolled and studying at a University or College in the USA.
For more information write an e-mail.

Go here for some Guidance on TOEFL, SAT and ACT


Post Graduate Course Admission Tests


General Information

For general information, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.

Undergraduate entrance Educational Testing (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, LSAT) Postgraduate Entrance Qualification
Undergraduate Studies PostGraduate Art and Science Postgraduate Business Courses Doctoral Studies Research Fellowships

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