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Internships in the USA and Canada

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Internships are a good way to learn about industries and careers. They are also a means of getting insight into the workings of organizations and corporations.

Internships have become am essential stepping stone to launching a successful career in the USA. In Europe, this is still rare, though various forms of stagaire and other short practical training are also on the rise. To get into a good internship program, especially for the USA, but also for Europe, requires a significant amount of planning. *

What is an Internship?

Internships are practical, usually short duration, 12 to 52 weeks, training periods offered by companies to undergraduates and graduates where they can familiarize themselves with either a specific company or an industry. Some are

paid, but often, they are unpaid or pursued for "pocket-money" and the privilege to be associated with a particular company. Interns are not cheap labor, though like in any other jobs, they might involve the performance of some menial tasks, like filing or photocopying. But, a significant part of the Interns work should be to participate in the normal work process for that particular job or department.
Remember, you are in that company to learn-by-doing and not to tell the company or its employees how to do things!

What we offer

This page offers help to obtain internships in the United States and Western Europe.The help ranges from

  • Defining the type of internship an individual wants or needs
  • Finding the company that offers an internship;
  • How to present yourself to that company and how to apply; and
  • A plan of getting the most from your Internship.

We cannot 100% guarantee that you will find an Internship. There are many factors which make companies take on interns or abandon existing programs. Success with specific Internships are therefore outside our control. But, we will direct your search and help you step by step, so that your chances of getting one of these coveted opportunities will be significantly enhanced.

Internmatch®: is trying to match your abilities, education and expectations to internships in companies in the USA, and to a lesser extent, Europe. We will help you select a set of ten suitable companies, write the letters of application, and give detailed advise as to how to plan your internship so that you will get the maximum long term benefit from it. Product No
US$ 299.00

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