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Applying for Postgraduate Degrees (Masters, J,D., M.D., M.Phil.) to U.S.A. and Canadian Universities
postgraduate degrees - colleges in the USA - costs of education - international students in the USA and Canada

The USA probably offers the largest number of specialized Postgraduate studies in the world. But finding the right courses and the right university for your own personal circumstances, whether financial or academic, is an enormous problem.

uniap will help you to focus your search and help you make the right decisions.

Despite its huge investment of US$ 40,000 to $80,000 for the two year Masters or three year M.Phil courses, most successful candidates feel, that it was one of the best investments, they have ever made.

Many past students also admit, that, if they would have had better guidance in selecting the right place to study, they probably would have been more effective in acquiring the vast amount of knowledge that such a degree provides.

The aim of this website is to provide help for people applying to schools in the USA and Canada (if you look for European universities, the page will be coming soon).

We, at uniap, pride ourselves to have helped, and be able to help, a large number of prospective postgraduate students to select and enter the right program for the students background and, in line with his or her future plans. We are not linked to any school and we are not the schools agents. We act as an independent advisor.

For a start, order an application and evaluation package. Once you fill it in with your personal details, and make the necessary payment, we can start to evaluate, where you fit and, what you need, and help you to become a successful graduate.

Application and Evaluation Package
for Postgraduate courses and schools
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US$ 199.50

What is the value of this?

You will not undertake a futile search for a college, where you have little or no chance of being accepted. It is still up to you, to approach the colleges you like and, you are by no means bound to follow the recommendations we make. Remember, each application does not only cost you, your referee's and former schools a lot of time, it also costs money: Colleges and Universities in the USA charge an admission fee for each application.

You do not want to annoy your referee's by asking them for a whole host of references that never get you anywhere, don't you? They are doing you a favor and you depend on them. You will need them, especially when you want to go to graduate school .

Why is this worth it?

You are intending to spend two years and a likely
US$ 40-80,000, or more for a Master's or M.Phil. degree education that will, to a very large extent, determine your future life! How well you will do in your studies, is not only determined by your intelligence, knowledge, tenacity and determination. It is also a factor of how well you feel and fit into the college. And that alone is worth getting some sound advice and help. because who would like to be miserable and uncomfortable for two years? Think about it, you want the best you can get, but you have to know how to get it!

Some useful Books you should read

There are numerous books on Postgraduate studies. We have selected a few, that might help you in your choices. Most Master's degree courses are taught courses. In the U.S.A. and Canada, Master's degrees by research paper only are practically unknown. Apart from a short paper at end, not much research is being done at this level.

Some Books from Amazon.com that might help you in your Decision

But, you are investing a lot of time and money into a higher degree. Since courses definitions are often rather narrow, getting the right course is vitally important. The key things you want to get out of the course are

  • a more in fundamental knowledge in your overall subject of study, and
  • a good grounding in basic and advanced research skills

Now, it is obviously different, if you pursue medical studies, a law or business degree in a post graduate course.

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