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Undergraduate Applications

Applying to a college or university, and being accepted by a school in the USA, is a highly laborious undertaking and one, that requires considerable skill. Entrance into schools is fiercely competitive while, at the same time, getting into the right school for

your own background, where you feel comfortable and where you fit in, is an essential ingredient for a successful and enjoyable learning experience. Because, clearly, you will not do as well as you should, in a place which you do not like. Besides the monetary consideration, you, as a prospective student, will also have to remember, that you will spend at least four years at that university. And that can be an awfully long time, if you do not like it.

The aim of this website is to provide help for people applying to schools in the USA and Canada. To do this, we have developed a series of products for clients. These products provide a step by step approach to the application process.

Many foreign students find the Exam philosophy of American tests, such as the SAT and the ACT extremely hard. They are not used to multiple choice exams. As a consequence they under perform. Therefore, we offer, besides colleges that require these tests, a large number of colleges that offer candidates the possibility to enter courses without SAT or ACT scores. TOEFL is usually required, but even here, there are opportunities where TOEFL can be completed after the college is entered, by taking additional English courses.

Help with Undergraduate College Applications

The packages below are to help you make the right decisions, about which college you should go to. They do not guarantee college admission, because that is up to the college admissions board. Uniap is not receiving any payments from colleges it recommends. Uniap acts as an independent review board to help you, make the best decision for your circumstances.

College Placement Evaluation
To expedite your application, request an application package from us here. The costs are US $29.50. It is fast and easy. Please do not forget to enter your complete address, phone number and e-mail. We will send you the package by air mail. Product No
US$ 29.50

Once you have received your application package, you can then fill it in, select the product you want and return the package by mail, with the appropriate payment confirmation.


This is our basic product and the objective is to present you with a short list of five institutions which match your educational background and aims with the institutions' resources and norms. Now you have studied in certain schools and colleges in your country and you have the certificates and mark sheets given by them. With wide variations in standards and curricula, even within the same country, how could the admission authority of an American college determine the value and worth of such foreign certificates and mark sheets? These have, therefore, to be translated into American academic equivalents, which is a highly specialized job and the organizations that perform them charge stiff fees. We too get our clients result documents appraised through them. But if you approach the colleges directly, each of them will charge you for the evaluation separately. After we get the evaluation results we match them with the up-to-date requirements of the various colleges which are available in our database and we generate the information about the five colleges that are suitable for you, taking account of regional preferences you might have.

This evaluation process lets us determine, where you fit. Your academic details, the marks you obtained, the exams you passed, the SAT or ACT scores (verbal and mathematical, if you have taken SAT), the TOEFL score, a description of what extracurricular activities you participated in, prizes and awards you won, your interests and hobbies and a short description of yourself, all will help in this determination. (after payment, we will send you a form for all of that).

You indicate to us your preferred area of the country (USA or Canada), where you would like to study, your general choice of academic subject, and we, in turn, will then advise you, where we think you should apply. Obviously, we will see that you apply to colleges, where you have an excellent chance of being accepted.

Studymatch®: Past Academic Record and Course Evaluation matching it to schools which are likely to accept students with that background. Product No
US$ 499.00

What is the value of this?

You will not undertake a futile search for a college, where you have little or no chance of being accepted. It is still up to you, to approach the colleges you like and, you are by no means bound to follow the recommendations we make. Remember, each application does not only cost you, your referee's and former schools a lot of time, it also costs money: Colleges and Universities in the USA charge for each application. You do not want to annoy your referee's by asking them for a whole host of references, that never get you anywhere, don't you? They are doing you a favor and, you depend on them. Not only for your application to undergraduate school, but later, when you want to go to graduate school, you will need your referees again.

Then you go to the next step of the process: That is getting the information from a number of colleges so that you can start to prepare your application. We will do that for you, and we will do a whole lot more.


With our Placementmatch® option, we will get you information, brochures and application forms on five colleges or universities that are within your overall past academic performance. You will then fill in the application and send all the details to us (by e-mail or by mail). We will look through your application and see, where you will have to make changes, if any, to be successful.


- Getting application and information material from up to four colleges.
- Credentials evaluating of your past academic record and courses and matching them to schools which are likely to accept students with your background.
- Giving you generic written instructions on how to fill out the application forms.
- Final review of the application forms and material and dispatching it to the colleges selected.
Product No
US$ 990.00

Why is this worth the Costs

You are intending to spend a minimum of four years and a likely
US$ 100,000, or more for a first degree (Bachelors degree ) college or university education that will, to a very large extent, determine your future life! How well you do in college, is not only determined by your intelligence, knowledge, tenacity and determination. It is also a factor of how well you feel and fit into the college. And that alone is worth getting some sound advice and help. Because who would like to be miserable and uncomfortable for four years? Think about it, you want the best you can get, but you have to know how to get it!


Note: You can pay by VISA (International) or MasterCard, American Express or Discovercard through Paypal , a secure payment service, owned by eBay.

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There are a large number of books available and we have only selected some that we think will help you make a better decision.

Undergraduate entrance Educational Testing (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, LSAT) Postgraduate Entrance Qualification
Undergraduate Studies PostGraduate Art and Science Postgraduate Business Courses Doctoral Studies Research Fellowships

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